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Training Package 4

Minggu, 24/11/2013 00:03:52

The School Based Management (MBS) /Community Participation (PSM) /Active Creative, Joyful and Effective Learning (PAKEM) Training Packages1, 2and 3 have successfully enabled many schools to manage themselves better, toimprove community participation and to develop better teaching and learning processes.Schools have made School Development Plans (School DevelopmentPlan) and School Budgets (RAPBS) in a participatory, transparentand accountablemanner. School stakeholders have also had a better sense of belonging towardtheir schools. Community participation is no longer limited to funding but has alsoincluded academic affairs. Moreover, the learning process has become more creativeand productive and is likely to yield better results in the future.

• This positive tendency needs to be continually developed. School Development Plans(School Development Plan) need to be used as the main reference in the developmentand implementation of all school programs. It is expected that School DevelopmentPlan will not become a pile of useless documentation or something to be displayedto outside visitors, but rather a functional, working document. The schoolvision and mission stated in these documents needs to be realistic. School programsneed to be designed more specifically, measurableand developed in a participatory,transparentand accountable manner.

• At present, various forms of financial assistance are given to schools, either from thegovernment (BOS) or the community and these funds need to be managed properly,transparentlyand accountably. Such assistance should increase the motivation to improvethe quality of education at school level. All parties involved in schools need tohave a positive attitude, mutual trust and should work together to improve the qualityof education at schools; not the other way around.


Training Package 4.pdf [download]

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