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Training Package 2

Minggu, 23/11/2013 23:41:29

The objective of Managing Basic Education (MBE) program is to improve the quality of educationreceived by children through the improvement of education management and teaching. Students will benefit from more effective use of resources through improved planning and budgeting at school and district levels as well as the increased involvement of stakeholders including the parents in the school.

Active, Creative, Effective, and Joyful Learning (PAKEM) is aimed at creating a more enjoyable learning environment and helping students develop skills, knowledge, and good attitudes tohelp them in the future. As the result of thePAKEM training, teachers will master variousteaching strategies including more interactive lessons.Through group work and more practicalassignments, students are expected to think more independently rather than just being giveninformation by the teacher. Students are alsogiven opportunities to express themselves inwriting rather than merely copying from the blackboard or books. The class environment isdesigned in such a way as to create a more“friendly” atmosphere for the students, supported by the preparation of displays of students’work and the provision of attractiveteaching aids.

In the first training, the participants were introduced to several new concepts, including School Based Management, Community Participation and Active, Creative, Effective and Joyful Learning(PAKEM). The participants learned about school based management and community participationfrom successful resource persons, such as School Principals, School Committee,and Supervisors. Training in budget planning was also given.

In PAKEM activities, the participants learned why a “student-focused” approach can improvethe quality of learning. The focus of the training was to identify the characteristics of suchteaching as modeled by the facilitators and then practised by the participants in teaching practicein schools.

Training package 2 is a continuation of the previous one and aims to increase the understandingof the participants in concepts of school based management, community participationand PAKEM.


Training Package 2.pdf [download]

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